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Is Environmental Geomatics for me?

Environmental Geomatics is an exciting field that is growing quickly and has become an established career path. Geomatics integrates cutting-edge technologies like GPS (global positioning system), GIS (geographic information systems), and remote sensing while advancing mapping applications and science. Techniques include the development of complex spatial databases from a wide range of data sources and the application of this information to solve environmental problems. Popular computer mapping tools, like Google Earth or MapQuest, have opened the door to a variety of new applications. The science of the field is quite broad as captured in the UCGIS ( Body of Knowledge for GIS&T.

While the program emphasizes applications for environmental planning and natural resource management, it educates students with a broad understanding of geographic information science and technology. Students might find this area to be a good fit if they:

• Are interested working with computers,
• Are good spatial thinkers, and/or
• Are interested in the environment.

Rutgers provides multiple paths for studying the field including the Environmental Geomatics Option degree path, the Environmental Geomatics Certificate for undergraduates, a GIS emphasis within Geography, and a Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Science. As these technologies become ubiquitous, career options span the spectrum from public to private, ecological to defense-intelligence, non-profit to academic.

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