16:450:615/16:215:604  Seminar in Remote Sensing

Class Meeting: Mon 5:35-6:55 PM ENR 123   Wed 5:35-6:55 PM ENR 247 (CRSSA Teaching Lab)

Instructor: Rick Lathrop  E-mail: lathrop@crssa.rutgers.edu Phone: 732 932-1580/2 Fax: 932-2587

Course Objectives: students should learn the fundamentals of digital analysis, interpretation and application of satellite remotely sensed imagery.  Students should develop an understanding of digital image processing techniques (including the basic data structures and algorithms involved) and become proficient in the hands-on application of these techniques using the ERDAS image processing workstations.  Students should learn not just how but also why and when to apply digital image processing techniques in the analysis of remotely sensed imagery.

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