Now What Does My Community Do?

Now that you know a bit more about how your community may be affected by sea level rise and flooding, you may be wondering, What can we do about it?

One place to start would be to incorporate your knowledge of your community's risk and vulnerability into your local planning documents. Documents like your Master Plan, Hazard Mitigation Plan, Stormwater Management Plan, etc. are the ideal places to identify your risks and plan for them. The Getting to Resilience online community evaluation ( is the perfect place to start learning how best to take your knowledge of risk and put it into action on the local planning level. Through this evaluation you will learn how to incorporating this knowledge into local planning can be worth valuable points through FEMA's Community Rating System and Sustainable Jersey.

Flooding is a risk that many communities need to be aware of and learn how to prepare for. This is especially true for coastal communities. Learn more about the latest in coastal community flood mapping and preparedness information at

Click on this document (729k PDF) to learn more about how other communities are trying to act now to prepare and adapt for hazardous conditions.

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