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More than 40 spatial data sets were collected as part of the Bayshore region natural and cultural resources inventory. This Spatial Data Report summarizes the GIS data, provides abstracts for each data set in the inventory. This report is intended to be used as a guide to accessing and using the GIS data, but is not a substitute for the full metadatas documanettion provided with each layer.

Some data layers contain sensitive information and have not been approved for public release by their originators. Stipulations on use are noted in the data report, and in the layers' metadata files. GIS users are asked to respect these use and distribution constraints.

The data report is available in two parts: the thematic map series (an appendix to the report) is provided separately here to reduce file size: Both are PDF documents for use with Adobe Reader software.

Please note the reports and maps were published in 2007.

Spatial Data Report

1.2 megabyte PDF (CRSSA 2007)

Thematic Map Series

9.7 megabyte PDF (CRSSA 2007)