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  • Garden State Greenways
  • The Greenways is a planning initiative by the New Jersey Conservation Foundation that seeks to connest the entire state through a series of natural open space corridors. These greenways provide wildlife habitat and migration corridors, and serve as valuable recreational and scenic resources.

  • New Jersey Landscape Change Project
  • The Center for Remote Sensing at Rutgers University has studied landscape change in New Jersey using satelite and aerial imagery to quantify rates of development and land cover change since the 1970s. This project provides landscape change trend analysis for the entire state, as well as interactive maps for land cover change mapping.

  • New Jersey Vernal Pool Mapping
  • Vernal pools are temporary wetlands that appear in shallow depressions around New Jersey in the spring. These pols are critical breeding habitat for many amphibians, but because of their small size many have not been mapped as wetlands. The Endangered and Nongame Species Program at the NJ Deppartment of Environmental Protection and the Center for Remote Sensing at Rutgers are working together to develop a statewide map of vernal pools to ensure their protection.

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