Mapping the Distribution of Horse Parasites in Pastures in New Jersey

The following pictures represent work in progress and is part of our efforts to look at the spatial and temporal distribution of parasites on horse pastures. All maps are preliminary and are not to be used in any final reports. Please contact any of the following people with questions or comments.

Mike Sukhdeo
Associate Professor, Dept. of Animal Science
Ph: (848) 932-9406
E-mail: ( )

Marilyn G. Hughes
Rutgers Cooperative Extension & Remote Sensing Center
Phone: (732)-932-1582
E-mail: ()

Geostatistics:  Creation of a Digital Elevation Model for the Horse Pastures

The sampling elevations within each field was obtained from  a Trimble Pro-XR real time differential GPS unit.  Horizontal accuracy of this unit is sub-meter accuracy.  Vertical accuracy is 1.5 times less than  horizontal, making the elevations accurate to within 1.5 meters.   Although the data collected with this unit are corrected using coast-guard signals, the data were differentially corrected using base station data. from the Edison community base station.  This was done to remove any inconsistencies in the data to improve vertical accuracy. 

The points were exported into a program called GS+ (Gamma Design Software) for analysis of descriptive statistics and geostatistical methods of variography, kriging, and cross-validation.  From this a digital elevation model with 1 meter grid cell resolution of the horse pastures was created. 

View the data distribution, and kriging model statistics.
View the variogram and the kriging grid statistics.
View the final digital elevation model for the pastures.

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