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Q: Why GIS?

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) aid in the collection and analysis of spatial datasets. The main advantage of using GIS is the ability to integrate, query and synthesize geographic digital data. GIS has a wide range of potential applications in coastal resource management and land use planning.

Q: What GIS data sets are in the Repository?

The GIS data sets in the Repository were produced by various entities at the federal, state and local levels as well as data created by Rutgers University. These data sets will be made available for internet download in the future.

  • Boundaries: State, Municipal, Federal and Watershed
  • USGS Digital Topographic Maps
  • Streams, Lakes, Rivers
  • Aerial Photography
  • Submerged Aquatic Vegetation
  • Satellite Imagery
  • Census
  • Land Use Land Cover
  • Elevation
  • Wetlands
  • Soils
  • Place Names
  • Sewer Service Areas
  • Historical Imagery
  • Zoning

Q: Can Coastal Decision Makers access and use the GIS and its data?

Yes. Contact the Repository GIS Specialist, Scott Haag, with inquiries or arrange for a consulation session at the JCNERR Coastal Education Center (tel: 732-932-1582, scotth@crssa.rutgers.edu).

Q: Can users without GIS knowledge, expertise and software familarize themselves with the data?

Yes. Users can view the data sets via the internet using the JCNERR Internet Map Server (IMS). The server currently showcases a portion of the data sets listed above.

GIS/Internet Mapping

GIS Data, Software

Currently, the Coastal Resource Repository GIS data and software are available for Coastal Decision Maker use at the JCNERR Coastal Education Center in Tuckerton, New Jersey. This system can be used by contacting Scott Haag, JCNERR GIS Specialist, by telephone (732-932-1582) or via e-mail scotth@crssa.rutgers.edu.


Internet Mapping

[ Empowering users to browse and query GIS data via the internet ]

A Coastal Decision Maker can view the data sets via the internet using the JCNERR Internet Map Server (IMS) The server currently showcases a portion of the data sets in the Repository. Go to the IMS»


The library at the Repository in Tuckerton acts as the clearinghouse of "best practices" and information to promote smart growth in coastal watersheds.

Available literature in the Repository:

  • Model Environmental Ordinances
  • Summaries from JCNERR Coastal Decision Maker workshops
  • Print resources covering topics such as
    • local ecology
    • planning
    • habitat restoration
    • smart growth
    • redevelopment
    • watershed management
    • environmental resources



Lisa M. Weiss
Watershed Coordinator
Tuckerton, NJ
(609) 812-0649

GIS Requests:
Scott Haag

GIS Specialist
Rutgers University
(732) 932-1582

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