New Jersey Land Use / Land Cover Update 2000/2001

June 2004

Reports and GIS data generated in support of the New Jersey Land Use and Land Cover Updates to Year 2000 and 2001 are now available for download. This bulk of this work was funded by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. Additional funding was provided by the U.S. Forest Service, the Jacques Cousteau National Estuarine Research Reserve and the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station.


'Measuring Land Use Change in New Jersey: Land Use Update to Year 2000' | PDF 2.1 megabytes

'New Jersey Land Use / Land Cover Update: 2000/2001' | PDF web 581 KB

GIS Data

»All GIS data are geo-referenced to the UTM Projection, NAD83 datum (UTM zone 18, Units meters).

» In addition to the reports, it is important to read all metadata documentation for pertinent data information including methodologies, data accuracies/error analysis, etc, etc.

»The data are downloadable as WinZip files (*.zip); extracting the .zip file will result in a folder containing the data and metadata.

2001 Level 1 Landsat 7 ETM+ Satellite Image Land Cover Classification of New Jersey (Arc/Info raster grid)
  • 11-class land cover
  • Yr 2001
  • A/I raster grid has a 30x30 meter ground spatial resolution

New Jersey 2000/1999 Land Use Change Using SPOTView Panchromatic (black&white) 10-meter Resolution Statewide Composite Satellite Imagery
  • land use change areas mapped using SPOTView panchromatic 10x10 meter ground spatial resolution satellite imagery.

NJLCCA Project Contact:
Richard G. Lathrop, Director, CRSSA