Student Class Project (Spring 2011): Exploring the Raritan River Basin

Class: Advanced Environmental Geomatics, 11:372:462
Class instructor: David Tulloch
Semester: Spring 2011


The spring 2011 advanced geomatics class has received an opportunity to research the Raritan River Basin. Group members include Ibrahim Bouzine, Neil Ramchandani, Carly Aulicky, Jason Emrani, and Magda Usarek-Witek. In the process of acquiring data, the group has received the advice and help of NGOs supporting the basin and many Rutgers faculty members. There are many groups and organizations that collaborate to help preserve the Raritan River Basin.

While researching information, a pattern emerged from the data: the basin lacks a sense of place. The basin has distinct characteristics that many people may are not informed with. These characteristics include physical boundaries and landscape, ecological regions and niches, environmental pollution throughout the area, and cultural demographics such as cultural hubs, community organizations, places of interest, and diversity. Through these five topics that are provided by supplemental resources and maps, the project aims to link people to a sense of place within the basin.


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