Terms of Use

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  • It is strongly recommended that careful attention be paid to the contents of the SAV reports and metadata files associated with these data ('DATA & METADATA', http://crssa.rutgers.edu/projects/coastal/sav/downloads.html and 'SAV MAPPING METHODS', http://crssa.rutgers.edu/projects/coastal/sav/methods.html) . CRSSA, as well as any other contributors as listed in the metadata, shall be acknowledged as data contributors to any reports or other products derived from these data.

  • These maps, as presented on this web site, provide a regional picture of SAV distribution at various points in time and are not intended for site level permit applications or litigation purposes.  These maps and data, alone, are not sufficient to determine the presence or absence of SAV.  Conclusive evidence concerning the presence or absence of SAV requires site inspections, preferably at several points in time during the SAV growing season.

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