Student Class Project (Spring 2007): Studying the Spatial Dimensions of the American Revolution in New Jersey

Gallery: Google Earth

As an effort to make the students’ initial efforts as useful as possible, their data have been converted to a Google Earth™ KMZ file, which is a compressed version of the Keyhole Markup Language (KML).  Since these were originally multiple files in a different format, some details are lost and some attributes have been removed in the process and some details can be misconstrued.

WARNING: These DRAFT data were prepared by Geomatics students and have not been verified. They have been posted despite a belief that they are both incomplete and flawed. We are not supporting these data at this time, so they should only be used “as is” and “at your own risk”. By downloading them you indicate that you understand their limitations (and maybe want to help improve them).

To use the file in Google Earth™:

  1. You must have Google Earth™ installed on your machine. Google Earth™ software and instructions can be obtained from:
  2. Save the KMZ file to your machine. When saving, change the file name extension from '.zip' to '.kmz'.
  3. Start Google Earth™ and load the KMZ file: File > Open

+ Data: Google Earth kmz (2.4 megabyes uncompressed as kml)
Note: In Google Earth™, the attribute information for the data can be viewed by clicking on a data point.
+ Metadata/README: battles and skirmishes | landmarks | major battles
Note: A link to the metadata documentation is also available from the data attribute information in Google Earth™

*Google Earth software and instructions can be obtained from:

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